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You play an online game, we block Russian websites. An easy way to help Ukraine right now

28 February 2022 3 minutes reading

Ukrainian tech specialists created an online browser game to help Ukraine fight Russian aggression. This is an analogue of the famous 2048 game — a numerical puzzle, which requires only a basic knowledge of arithmetic. The game is created in such a way that each «move» of the player brings Russian web sites closer to being blocked. One player during one hour is able to send about 20,000 requests to the websites that serve the Russian army. The exact list of these sites is not disclosed for the security of the initiative.

Thanks to the simple mechanics, the game is an easy way to help and is available even for teenagers and anyone who does not have special skills to combat Russian aggression.

What do I need to participate?

Go to playforukraine.live. Just open this page and let it be open on your devices, it will flood the web-sites and pose a huge load on their infrastructure.

Using VPN is optional, not required.

The number of attacks is much higher when you use the desktop. 

The more moves – the lower the Russian army falls. You add up the numbers, Ukraine wins!


Who is the game for?

It's a game for everyone, but we strive to engage teenagers and children in this way. We know that young people try to help Ukraine win, but they often don't know what to do. 

This game will help you contribute to the joint victory.

Therefore, we ask you to play the game and, most importantly, involve friends and acquaintances around the world.

Which sites will be attacked?

Our main goal is websites that serve the Russian army. We do not want to tell the enemy about our specific goals, so the list of sites is not published. We are also working on tasks from the IT ARMY of Ukraine.

Where better to play: smartphone or computer?

The effect is stronger if you play on your computer. Even if you only open the page in the browser and leave it — the attack continues.

Is this safe? 

Yes, we don't do any harm to your browser. We just rely on a steady torrent of automated traffic to knock a target websites offline.